The Grinch

Every Who down in Who-ville saved and invested a lot…

But the Grinch, Who lived just north of Who-ville, did NOT!

The Grinch hated saving! He preferred to spend, spend, spend, spend.

No matter how much money he came into, it was gone in the end.

It could be, some thought, that he just didn’t know better.

It could be, perhaps, he just really liked sweaters.

But I think that the most likely reason in this case

May have been that his priorities were far out of place.

But whether it was his priorities, or his yearning for things new,

Deep in his soul, he really was quite jealous of the Whos.

The Grinch owned expensive cars, clothes, watches and all things divine.

He took grand vacations, ate caviar, and drank the best wine!

Yet he was constantly worried as his debt quickly grew

And those he could call friends, were far and were few.

He LOOKED DOWN at the Whos and their modest lifestyles

“How happy can they be? They don’t have money in piles.

“They don’t live in huge houses, with home theatres and pools.

“The cars they drive, NOBODY would consider them cool!”

No the Whos didn’t show off and flash all their dough

But rather spent time with their families and others they know.

Discipline and budgets, in these areas well versed.

To the bank, took their paychecks, and paid themselves first.

Their 401(k)s they invested, deferrals made to the max.

They took advantage of opportunities to reduce income tax.

No “get rich quick” schemes, rather time is their friend

Keep in mind expenses and turnover; this will result in more in the end.

Oh the Grinch hated their modesty, he thought himself so much better

Always having the newest thing, he thought he was a real trendsetter.

He would change how they live, make the Whos his cash cow

HE WOULD take advantage of them……But How?

Then he got an idea!

An awful idea!



“I know just what to do! I’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse”

So he started creating material to help pull off his ruse.

He pulled out his finest suit, his fingers and wrists covered with bling

He went and financed a new car, “I can’t use my old thing.”

With his fancy apparel and top of the line ride

He LOOKED very successful, covering up what was really inside.

Then he headed towards Who-ville, prepared to start making his case

“By the time I’m through with the Whos, I’ll own the whole place!”

House by house he would visit, showing off his perceived riches.

“You can live like this too”, boasted his convincing sales pitches.

“Just give me your money, for it I will grow

“More QUICKLY and EASIER, than others you know.”

“For the key to success” he said, “is to live like a KING

“Don’t rely on old tactics; rather find the next big thing.

“Hedge funds and options, soon you’ll be living like Trump

“And you’ll travel the world and leave this old dump.”

Then surely enough, some Who’s they DID stray.

Caught up in his facade, their financial plans thrown away.

By the Grinch they were tricked, discipline now ignored.

They gave him their money, for his returns promised to soar.

Then as quick as he came, the Grinch was gone in a flash

Leaving many of the Whos straddled for cash.

Their money he had stolen and used as his own,

Used the power of GREED to strip them down to the bone.

And now the Grinch would watch as their town fell apart.

“First I stole all their cash, next will be the Whos’ hearts.

“Without money and things, they will fall into despair.

“I’ve ruined them!” he gloated, but then turned with a glare.

For the Who’s down in Who-ville that had been tricked by the Grinch

Had family and friends to turn to when stuck in a pinch.

While upset by their loss, the Whos went back to their plans,

Disciplined saving and investing, be aware of the con man.

The Whos knew if they put their priorities back in place,

Putting focus on the long-run; they would BE BACK in the race.

And what happened then ….?

Well… in Who-ville they say

That the Grinch’s desire for material things

Just melted away!

“Perhaps,” the Grinch said. “Money is not a goal, but rather a means to an end

“Perhaps true wealth is created by sharing time with family and friends.”

So the Grinch returned to Who-ville, with hopes of joining their clan

And the Grinch, HE HIMSELF….!

The Grinch created a financial plan!

Happy Holidays!

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