Your Moller Wealth Partners financial plan is at the heart of your financial story.

The comprehensive financial plan we create for you is not just for your future.
It is a part of your current financial story and it evolves with your life.

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It starts with you.

To create the best financial plan for you, we need to get to know you. What is your current situation? What are your goals and concerns? Where are you today with your finances and where do you want to be in the future?

We will share our approach to wealth management, our planning process, and our ongoing commitment to you. This is long-term planning and investing, so it’s a long-term partnership. Far from one and done, the financial plan we create for you will be nurtured and evaluated regularly.

At Moller Wealth Partners, we don’t have hard minimums like a lot of other financial planners, so you don’t necessarily have to be a millionaire to be a client. It’s more about if we’re the right fit. Once we decide to work together, we make it easy for you by beginning the process of implementing the financial plan. Our experienced team of financial experts ensures your investment accounts are set up the right way and allocated according to plan.

We follow a schedule for getting all aspects of your wealth in order and coordinate with your other advisors, if necessary (attorney, accountant, insurance agent). We keep records of your new documents and update your financial plan as needed.

Reach out today. We’re in this for the long term. So let’s make sure we’re a good fit.

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Comprehensive Wealth Management

For high net worth clients, we offer Comprehensive Wealth Management. Our seasoned financial planning team meets regularly with you to offer personalized advice and financial insights. We discuss issues and opportunities that are top of mind today and concerns you may have about the future. Our quarterly review is a collaborative, continuous process that, along with portfolio management, is a key part of helping you preserve and grow your wealth. This individualized, expert service meets the more nuanced and often complex financial planning needs of our Comprehensive Wealth Management clients.

Portfolio management broken down in a circle. Includes the topics: plan projections, estate planning, insurance planning, and tax planning.

Each quarter we prepare a report to review with you and schedule a meeting where we cover:  

Commentary about the current market and economy or your changes to your personal finances.

Quarterly topics: Plan Projections, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning and Tax Planning as well as actions based on our recommendations specific to your financial situation and goals.

And of course, we’ll review your portfolio and any questions you may have.

Between meetings, we always welcome your questions, requests, or updates. It’s a part of our comprehensive service, so just give us a call or email (there are never any additional hourly or project-based fees).

At Moller Wealth Partners, our priority is your continued success. We oversee the big picture of your financial health and manage the details to give you peace of mind. Our personalized financial advice includes answering questions you’ll face at different times in your life.

Whether you’re enjoying the wealth you’ve patiently built up over years, approaching retirement, in the middle of a successful career or just starting to accumulate wealth, we provide a high level of attention and expertise to help you navigate important financial decisions. Here are some questions we help our clients answer:

  • What kind of lifestyle can I confidently afford to have?
  • When should I take Social Security?
  • Do I need long-term care insurance?
  • How do I fund my retirement from my different investment accounts in the most tax-efficient manner?
  • What kind of fund should we set up for college savings?
  • How much life insurance should I have?
  • What should we do with our capital between selling our home and buying a new one?
  • How do I create and manage "tax diversification" within my portfolio?
  • Should my spouse and I set up a trust for each other?
  • Should I roll my old 401(k) into my new company’s 401(k) or move it to an IRA or Roth IRA?
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Reach out today. This could be the start of a great relationship.

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