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Our financial planners share their thoughts about financial planning, the economy and the markets.

Fastening Our Seatbelts for 2022!

Last October, I wrote about the need to be prepared for typical fourth quarter volatility. Well, it looks like it was postponed until 2022 and all crammed into January.

It's a Most Wonderful Time to Invest by Nate Eads, CFP®

(to the tune of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”) It's a most wonderful time to invest, Stock prices have fallen, Should I go all in, or continue to divest?

Tax Loss Harvesting to Save on Current and Future Taxes by Brian Fritzsche, CFP®, CFA, CRPC®

As several areas of the market continue to make all-time highs, there might not be many assets in a portfolio that have lost money since being purchased. However...

What is an RMD and Do I Need One?

As we approach the end of the year, many investors might be needing to take a required minimum distribution (RMD) from a retirement account, either one that they own...

Importance of Keeping Perspective by Jack Moller, CFP®

Before writing this post, I looked up Webster’s online dictionary and, among others, found the above definition for the word “perspective”. And, honestly, as I recently “celebrated”...

How to Talk to Your Adult Children About Your Estate Plan by Nancy Fehrenbach, CFP®, CFA

Estate planning is a topic that is important to discuss but many people avoid talking about it with loved ones. We don’t want to bring up the difficult topics of declining...

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